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Our Story

Astera was created by a group of expert professionals with the common mission to expand access to renewable energy in underserved markets. Originally, Astera’s business model focused on large-scale commercial Solar Projects that would significantly decrease (if not eliminate) a client’s massive electrical expense, creating an instant and continuous expense reduction on their P &L.  When asked, most clients had not installed solar due to a long ROI and substantial upfront cost. Astera provides a solution for select clients by purchasing, installing, and maintaining the system with no out-of-pocket cost to their clients. Astera has expanded upon our original model to include comprehensive green energy solutions directed at reducing the earth’s carbon footprint. Conscious of the urgency, Astera has expanded our divisions encompassing a state-of-the-art Plastic Recycling process to produce hydrogen, full-scale Alternative Fueling Stations, EV Chargers, and AI directed in front and behind the meter Battery Storage. Scaling these projects to serve the growing demand ethically is the driving force behind Astera. Our dedication to state-of-the-art solutions drives our mission to regenerate the earth responsibly.

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Our Partners 

Our partnerships in renewable energy are vital to advancing our green energy mission. We partner with leading energy providers to ensure a reliable supply of renewable energy. We also partner with financial institutions to secure the funds needed to implement our projects. Finally, we work with research institutions to develop the most cutting-edge solutions for our green energy goals. Our partnerships are essential to helping us make a lasting impact on the renewable energy landscape.

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Leadership Team  

Robert Switzer

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Switzer brings to the table an impressive 30-year tenure in business and executive management, fueled by his fervor for nurturing start-ups...

Tatiana Khamula

Vice President, Operations

Tatiana Khamula is an experienced operations and business development professional and serves as the Vice President of Operations...

Bob White

Chief Operations Officer

Robert White started in the Resistance Welding and Special Equipment industry in 1984. In 1989, he became a member of the RWMA...

Rob Kee

Director of EV Charging Solutions

Rob is an operations-minded professional, with a heavy entrepreneurial background in marketing and advertising. Over the 20 years ...

Jennifer Stapp


Jennifer is President of Astera with 25 years of experience designing infrastructure for multiple existing businesses and start-ups...

Aaron Smith

Construction Site Superintendent

Aaron Smith has 27 years of experience in a wide variety of all phases of construction including consultation, implementation, project management...

Rodney Young

President and CEO ASTERA REIT

Rodney Young started his real estate career by working as a lender for a national house buying company with over 3500 closings to his credit...

Chris Barnett

Director of Human Resources


Astera Career Opportunities

Internship Opportunities
Our Intern Job Postings for green energy offer a variety of exciting opportunities. We are looking for passionate individuals to join our team and help shape the future of renewable energy, EV charging, solar, battery storage, alternative fuel stations, data centers and marketing. We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to make green energy more accessible and efficient. Interns will get hands-on experience and develop skills that will help them in their future career. We provide a supportive, collaborative environment for interns to grow and learn. Join us and make a difference in the green energy revolution

Send CV and Cover Letter:

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