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Tribal Power Resiliency 

Our mission is to collaborate with Tribal Nations to foster meaningful partnerships, honor indigenous traditions, and promote sustainable development. Through respectful engagement and shared decision-making, we strive to empower tribal communities, preserve cultural heritage, and achieve lasting positive impact.


Economic Development

By partnering with Tribal Nations, we are looking to contribute to economic growth by creating job opportunities, attracting investments, and generating revenue through energy production.

Energy Independence

Help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and establish a more sustainable and self-sufficient energy system.

Tribal Sovereignty

Renewable energy projects developed in collaboration with tribal nations, protect tribal sovereignty and allow to have control over energy resources.

Community Benefits

Improved access to clean energy, increased infrastructure development, and funding for social programs.


Our Approach

Our approach to working with tribes is centered around understanding their needs and wants. We believe that building a strong relationship with the tribe is of utmost importance.


By fostering trust and open communication, we aim to collaborate effectively and address specific requirements. Every project we undertake is tailored towards meeting these specific needs and requirements

Future Developments

Astera is committed to creating an educational program in collaboration with high schools. The program aims to provide certifications and training to tribal members.


This initiative will create job opportunities within the community and empower to lead in sustainable practices.



Funding opportunities and grants for renewable energy initiatives.


Assistance in project planning and development.


Collaboration and partnership opportunities with other renewable energy stakeholders.


Support in navigating legal and administrative processes related to renewable energy development.


Regulatory and policy guidance for renewable energy projects.


Multiple renewable energy business lines including solar, energy storage, recycling, hydrogen generation, data centers. 

Native Drums

Over the next five years, the Grid Resilience State and Tribal Formula Grants will distribute a total of $2.3 billion to states, territories, and  Tribes, including Alaska Native Regional Corporations and Alaska Native Village Corporations, based on a formula that includes factors such as population size, land area, probability and severity of disruptive events, and a locality’s historical expenditures on mitigation efforts. The states, territories, and Tribes will then award these funds to eligible entities to complete a diverse set of projects, with priority given to efforts that generate the greatest community benefit while providing clean, affordable, and reliable energy.   

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