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EV Charging Solutions

Turn Parking Spaces into Additional Revenue

Working with Astera, commercial property owners, multi-family property owners, and land developers can now turn those parking spaces into additional revenue streams.

We provide a turn key solution where we handle all the leg work. We will outfit your parking lot and install the chargers, maintain them, and handle the payment processing.

Why Adding EV Charging Stations to Your Property is a Smart Move?

With such momentum behind Electric Vehicles and the lack of chargers in the US, government at every level is seeing a drastic need to increase the charging infrastructure immediately.

The number of Rebates and Incentives available are unbelievable!


ASTERA is “plugged into” each and every one of these programs and will strive to ensure you receive every advantage and every rebate possible.

Attract New Customers

Additional Revenue Stream

Enhanced Brand Image

Increased Property Value

Combat Climate Change


Market Projections

A quarter of Americans say their next car will be an EV (Electric Vehicle).

1 out of every 5 new cars sold in the U.S. will be an EV by 2025.

By the end of this decade, General Motors will only be selling Electric Vehicles.

Shopping Centers with EV Charging available see a noticeable increase in customer traffic and the ability to recruit higher end retailers.

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