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Responsible Data Storage for the Next Generation

ASTERA is here to change the game. We have developed a revolutionary technology that is transforming the way data centers operate. Our centers are designed to be completely independent of the power grid, so we can handle all your data needs without taking a toll on the environment. Our centers consume minimal resources, so they have a much smaller footprint than others in the industry. At the same time, our processing speeds are second to none.

Big data technology and data science with person touching data flowing on virtual screen.


1018 Datacenters can accommodate a large number of users, allowing the clients to scale their AI

Pricing Structure

1018 Datacenters pricing structure is designed to cater to different clients’ need

Lower Costs

Protean processor technology reduces power and cooling needs, resulting in lower capex and opex costs, and enabling competitive, higher-quality, environmentally-friendly AI services.


Operating the data center at full utilization 24/7 ensures higher profitability

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*To get the most accurate proposal, please begin gathering the last 12 months electric bills for each meter.


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1715 East Wilshire Ave, Ste 721, Santa Ana, CA 92705


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