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moving conveyor transporter on Modern waste recycling processing plant. Separate and sorti

Carbon Conversion
Waste Plastic Recycling

For too long, waste plastics have been a major problem for our planet. At ASTERA, we see this challenge as an opportunity, and that is why we have developed an efficient and cost-effective carbon conversion process. Our process transforms waste plastics into critical materials that can be used in many applications, including manufacturing, energy, and transportation. By reducing the amount of waste in landfills and our oceans, we are not only helping the environment but also creating new business opportunities.

Trash on Beach

Hydrogen Fuel


Carbon Nanotubes


Synthetic Graphene

Petri dish with graphene powder, material is light, electrically conductive, rigid and wat

Our Waste Plastic Recycling service uses advanced carbon conversion technology to safely and efficiently convert plastic into Hydrogen Fuel and other valuable materials such as Carbon Nanotubes and Synthetic Graphene.

This process helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment while creating renewable energy and useful products.

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