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Empowering Tribal Nations

Oct 17, 2023


Jasen Blevins

Fostering Collaboration, Preserving Sovereignty, and Fueling Economic Growth

At ASTERA, we are on a mission to forge meaningful partnerships with Tribal Nations, recognizing their unique cultural heritage and their critical role in building a sustainable future. Through respectful engagement and shared decision-making, we strive to empower tribal communities, preserve their cultural traditions, and make a lasting positive impact.

Economic Development: By collaborating with Tribal Nations, ASTERA aims to be a catalyst for economic growth within these communities. We envision creating job opportunities, attracting investments, and generating revenue through sustainable energy production. This economic development not only strengthens tribal economies but also contributes to the well-being of tribal members.

Energy Independence: Our commitment extends to reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Through renewable energy projects developed in collaboration with tribal nations, we seek to establish a more sustainable and self-sufficient energy system. This initiative aligns with our goal of fostering long-term environmental sustainability.

Tribal Sovereignty: ASTERA recognizes the importance of tribal sovereignty. Our renewable energy projects, developed hand in hand with tribal nations, empower them to have control over their energy resources. This approach safeguards tribal sovereignty and ensures that decisions affecting energy development align with the tribal community's interests.

Community Benefits: Our initiatives bring a multitude of benefits to tribal communities. They include improved access to clean energy, increased infrastructure development, and funding for vital social programs. These endeavors prioritize the well-being and prosperity of tribal members.

Our Approach: At ASTERA, our approach centers on understanding the unique needs and desires of each tribe we work with. Building trust and fostering open communication are fundamental to our collaborative efforts. Every project is customized to meet specific tribal requirements, ensuring that the partnership is as meaningful as possible.

Future Developments: In our commitment to sustainable tribal power initiatives, ASTERA is embarking on an educational program in collaboration with high schools. This program aims to provide certifications and training to tribal members, creating job opportunities within the community and empowering them to lead in sustainable practices.

Resources: ASTERA offers a wide array of resources to support tribal power initiatives. These include funding opportunities, project planning and development assistance, regulatory and policy guidance, collaboration opportunities with other renewable energy stakeholders, and support in navigating legal and administrative processes. ASTERA's diverse range of renewable energy business lines, including solar, energy storage, recycling, hydrogen generation, and data centers, ensures comprehensive support for tribal sustainability goals.

Over the next five years, ASTERA will participate in the Grid Resilience State and Tribal Formula Grants program, distributing a total of $2.3 billion to tribes. These funds, prioritizing projects that generate significant community benefit and provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy, reflect our commitment to strengthening tribal power initiatives and fostering a sustainable future for all.

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Oct 17, 2023

Empowering Tribal Nations

Fostering Collaboration, Preserving Sovereignty, and Fueling Economic Growth

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